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I’ve been reading liquor reviews online to get a sense of style, what’s similar, what’s not.  Before we get started, let me say this: if you’re expecting tasting notes like, “it tastes like I imagine baby pandas in the rain would taste”, or “notes of caramel, lavender, unicorns and spam”, you’re in the wrong place.  I’m going to give you the basics – sweet, spicy, how much it may burn: the things I think you care about and more importantly, can relate to. Here’s the full process that I use, that can help you do your own tastings.

Ratings are based a 3 glass scale: how does your favorite stack up? Leave a comment – let’s chat!

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Journeyman Distillery – 4 whiskies, reviewed

The Adventurous Spirit: This bottle is dedicated to the original journeymen: the ones who made the spirit of adventure true. These men took risks and dreamt big; they were entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. With our W.R. whiskey we salute all the journeymen that came before us.

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Troy & Sons Oak Reserve whiskey review

This is the last in the series of three whiskies from Troy & Sons, but certainly not the least.  The Oak Reserve is a nice fit between  the true moonshine of Platinum and the more traditional flavor of the Blonde Whiskey.  An almost delicate flavor, there is more complexity than you might expect, from the […]

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Old World Spirits Goldrun Rye review

I’d heard of Old World Spirits before seeing them at my local BevMo, but didn’t really know too much about them. I decided to take a chance when I saw it in the case – I was in the mood for rye – and I’m glad I did! Old World Spirits Goldrun Rye is made […]

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Four Kings bourbon review – a whiskey collaboration

When I read about Four Kings Bourbon, I was ridiculously excited.  Granted, I’d only tried 2 of the 4 “kings” at that point, but FEW Spirits and Corsair Artisan Distillery are some of my favorites, hence my excitement. The other two, Mississippi River Distilling and Journeyman Distillery, also deserve a place on my bar I’ve […]

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Gubba Rum, Gold & Silver review

Only about 10% of craft distillers make rum, which makes Gubba Rum even more unique. His rum is made from pure sugar cane juice, not molasses, which gives it a silky, smooth texture. Not only is Gubba Rum tasty, but Steve Gubb is a genuinely nice guy that enjoys sharing his rum. Make sure to […]

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Troy & Sons Platinum Whiskey Review

Troy & Sons Platinum whiskey is billed as the “first true American Moonshine”, I can believe that this IS the stuff that the moonshiners kept at home, instead of selling down the road.  And likely one of the reasons they didn’t leave home, but I digress. I’m originally from back East – I’ve tried ‘shine.  […]

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Willa Vodka review

I will admit that I’ve encountered a vodka or two over the years.  Some better, and some far worse, than others.  When I got into craft liquors and tried vodka, I was happy to find nuances and some actual flavors that come from using organic ingredients. The care that goes into a craft liquor is […]

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Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey

For those of you (and me, after this sample bottle is gone) that live in a state that doesn’t carry Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey, I have one word for you: online shipping.  Fine, that was two words, but you get the idea: ship it, ship it now.  I will throw in the “can’t be […]

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