Gubba Rum, Gold & Silver review

Only about 10% of craft distillers make rum, which makes Gubba Rum even more unique. His rum is made from pure sugar cane juice, not molasses, which gives it a silky, smooth texture. Not only is Gubba Rum tasty, but Steve Gubb is a genuinely nice guy that enjoys sharing his rum. Make sure to read my interview with him, too.  Without further adieu, here are my tasting notes – sláinte!Gubba samples


Color: Crystal clear, even with the natural coconut.

Nose: A hint of alcohol, with the suggestion of sweet, it’s really light on the nose.

Taste: Gubba Silver has a tiny bite at the back of my tongue, that dissipates quickly, leaving behind the taste of coconut.  And you can tell it’s really coconut, and not some flavoring dreamed up in a lab.  It’s the coconut you dream of tasting while reclining on a sandy beach – hopefully with a Gubba rum drink in your hand!  In comparison, it has a relatively low proof, but you certainly wouldn’t confuse it for coconut water.


Color: Light amber, but not completely clear, because of the natural vanilla. I like being able to see proof of the ingredients right in the glass!

Nose: A little sweet, but not cloying in any way, the vanilla is definitely present.

Taste: It has the same bite as the Silver (which is to say, nearly non-existent), but has a slightly fuller mouth feel, which may come from the vanilla beans used to flavor the rum. You can also tell this is real deal, and not a bottle of extract dumped into the rum.  Smooth, sweet and vanilla, I can see Gubba Gold mixing well in a cocktail but not getting lost, and equally at home neat or with a bit of ice.

ABV: 35% or 70 proof

Price point: $22.  On par with other rums, but far ahead in taste!

Overall:  I’d say that these are two tasty entries into the rum chapter of the book of craft spirits.  If you’re feeling creative, help Gubba Rum name their signature drinks! Or just grab some of their rum and mix them up yourself!

2.5 out of 3 – yum!

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Scotch glass_40Scotch glass_40_half




Products were provided for my review – the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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