Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey

For those of you (and me, after this sample bottle is gone) that live in a state that doesn’t carry Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey, I have one word for you: online shipping.  Fine, that was two words, but you get the idea: ship it, ship it now.  I will throw in the “can’t be shipped to every state” disclaimer, but I’d highly suggest checking out the online ordering.  While I prefer my whiskeys neat, not all of them are friendly enough to do that with.  Blonde Whiskey is exactly what the bottle says – A Kinder Spirit.  Approachable and friendly to even the newest whiskey drinker, but with enough character that a seasoned whiskey aficionado will appreciate it. Here are my notes – sláinte!Troy & Sons products

Color: Blonde is a bit of a misnomer – the color in the bottle is a lovely, medium golden brown. Pouring a couple of fingers into a nosing glass, it doesn’t lose any of its color.

Nose: A tiny bit of alcohol at first, you know it’s whiskey.  Hints of sweet, almost bourbon-like. 

Taste: Like the nose, a tiny bit of bite at first (this isn’t juice you’re drinking, it’s whiskey, don’t forget that!).  The middle is so smooth and mellow, a nicely rounded taste of caramel and honey.  It finishes smoothly as well with a bit of vanilla, lingering a bit on the tongue in a good way.  The way that makes you say,  “I want more!”. 

ABV:  40 (or 80 proof)

Price point: (online) $42.99 Comparable to other whiskies in its class and definitely worth it.

Other notes: All of Troy & Sons whiskeys use heirloom grains – wheat and corn varieties that most of the country no longer grows, eschewing these slower growing, flavorful grains in favor of modern hybrids.  I can safely say I’m glad because that means more for Troy & Sons whiskeys! Check it out now!

Final score (out of 3): Nicely done!

Scotch glass_40

Scotch glass_40Scotch glass_40

Products were provided for my review – the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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