‘Shine Drop

This is courtesy of Manzanita Distilling Company – keep an eye out for their award-winning moonshine!  (and some awesome orange vodka, more on that later):


  • 1 part Manzanita Moonshine
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • Splash of simple syrup
  • Shake together with ice, strain into a raw sugar-rimmed glass. Top with a cherry.


About Jeanne Runkle

Jeanne Runkle currently lives in San Diego, and is a certified bartender and craft liquor expert. Her specialty is the brown stuff, whether it's bourbon, rye or good old American whiskey. She can sometimes be found stalking the aisles of a liquor store near you, answering your random whiskey questions.


  1. So what is this Simple Syrup and how do you make it? Do I have to use fresh squeezed lemon juice or can I use concentrate? Does lime or orange work as well?

    • Simple syrup is basically sugar and water. You can easily make your own (2 parts sugar, 1 part water, boil until it’s syrupy) or buy it at your favorite beverage retailer. It can also be infused – basil, lemon, whatever you’d like – it’s the way to sweeten a drink, without a bunch of crunchy sugar in the bottom of a glass! I’d say fresh squeezed citrus in this case, but you could use concentrate in a pinch. And yes – Manzanita’s ‘shine is smooth and mixes well with other flavors – they even infused it with bacon for a local event. YUM!

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