The future of craft distilling

Welcome to the 21st century!  Craft beer is popular and getting more popular each year.  Names like Stone Brewing and Dogfish Head are known nationally, and maybe even internationally (if you count Canada).  While the economy hasn’t been exactly stellar the last few years, alcohol sales have held steady. That means people are still making room in their budgets for an evening out or a bottle of their favorites brews or liquors.  With its positioning as a premium item combined with the personable stories behind the spirits, enter craft distilling into the market at the perfect time! Did you know?  Beer and liquor start the exact same way, with grains and hot water, basically.  Once the mash is ready, you can send it off to be hopped and make it beer, or send it through a distillation process and it becomes liquor.  Yes – for those of you reading this, that’s a huge simplification of the distilling process, but I’ve gotta save something for future posts, right?Whiskey_glass_2 So what is “craft” distilling? The laws that govern distilling don’t acknowledge the distinction between a small distillery and an international conglomerate like Diageo (the peeps behind Johnnie Walker, Ketel One and Bushmills, to name a few of their brands). Hence the prohibitively expensive licenses and annual taxes for a small distillery.  State by state, it’s being worked on, but it’s a slow, legislative process (I’m looking at you, New Jersey).  In the meantime, distillers are still doing what they do best, making unique, interesting and ultimately drinkable whiskies, vodkas, rums – you name it, you can likely find it. Which brings you to this site – you’ve come to the right place to find your new favorite craft spirits!

About Jeanne Runkle

Jeanne Runkle currently lives in San Diego, and is a certified bartender and craft liquor expert. Her specialty is the brown stuff, whether it's bourbon, rye or good old American whiskey. She can sometimes be found stalking the aisles of a liquor store near you, answering your random whiskey questions.

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