Liquor 101

Welcome to Liquor U – learn about Prohibition, what’s considered craft liquor and other fun things!  After that, you can jump over to Booze Nooze to keep up on current events in craft liquor around the country!

How I rate liquor

Ever go to the a liquor store and wonder what to buy?  Maybe you’d like to buy something new, but your budget can only take one new bottle…and what if it’s something you don’t like? Maybe you’re missing out on something completely fantastic, so let me help!  I can give you all the distilleries in […]

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Why craft liquor?

So, why would you want to choose craft liquor over the big label stuff?  One of the things that drew me in is the entrepreneurial spirit of these distillers.  Men and women that, in some cases, quit cooshy corporate jobs, to follow what they love.  They’ve given the blood, sweat, tears…and in some cases, mortgages, […]

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Whiskey? Whisky? Bourbon? Scotch? Bueller?

Do you know the difference between whiskey, whisky, bourbon and Scotch? Ingredients?  Where it’s made?  Who made it?  Bad spell check?  Let’s find out. Saying “whiskey” is like saying beer.  There are a bunch of varieties, depending on where it’s distilled, and what grains are used.  Tennessee whiskey, bourbon whiskey, Scotch whisky – there’s even […]

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The future of craft distilling

Welcome to the 21st century!  Craft beer is popular and getting more popular each year.  Names like Stone Brewing and Dogfish Head are known nationally, and maybe even internationally (if you count Canada).  While the economy hasn’t been exactly stellar the last few years, alcohol sales have held steady. That means people are still making […]

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Part 2 – Prohibition 1920. There are 1.8 billion people – in the entire world.  Small pox is a problem for a bunch of them.  In more advanced countries, we’re concerned with politics.  Switzerland joins the League of Nations (no, not one with superhero tights, though that might have been fun).  The United States grants […]

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Who made the first alcoholic beverage?

Before we jump right into craft distilling, it’s probably helpful to understand how distilling started.  Let’s take a trip back to 9,000 B.C. Along with the jewelry and cave paintings we find from ancient man, we’ve also found fragments of jars with evidence of fermentation and honey. 

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